Six Weeks on Money

Most of the time, money is a conversation topic we avoid. But that is because we too rarely find ourselves in a safe place to talk about money. The truth is that when you are with a group of people - doing life intentionally - money can be a really fascinating thing to talk about. So, can we talk about talking about money? 

People want to talk about it because they want to talk about the things that matter most in life. And money is real. It’s a very real part of adulting. BUT - money is something that is done best when it’s done aligned with your values. 

That is why we are bringing Six Weeks on Money to our church. We believe that budgets and intentional spending are important, but more important is what God is doing in your life. Your values. Your sense of abundance. Your relationship with money is a place where God can work miracles. So, if you’re ready (and not everyone is ready), we encourage you to register for the Six Weeks on Money digital course. It will help you get ready for the future and embrace a sense of abundance.  



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