Drive-in Service Instructions

A Drive-in Worship Service (updated 7/8/20)

This Sabbath morning, we will return to our church grounds for a drive-in service.

Here is what you must know beforehand:

  • Pray that this slow transition we're making will be an encouraging experience for all, even though it'll feel so different from what we're used to.
  • Sabbath School will be online only at 9am. 
  • The worship service will begin at 10am.
  • Since we'll be outside, our worship time will automatically be more accessible to people in our neighborhood. Let's help anyone who comes to know that this is their space, too.
  • If you plan to sit on chairs, please park away from those who are in their cars. This leaves more parking spaces for those who are staying in their cars.
  • If you want to sit—limited seating—please park in the small lot on the west side of the church building or in the lot in front of the Friendship Center. Feel free to bring your own lawn chair.
  • The church building will only be open for bathroom use. We ask that no one gather in there but enter and exit in an efficient manner. We ask that only one person enter a bathroom at a time unless a child needs their parent to accompany them. There will be signs inside instructing you on how to clean up after yourself before exiting the bathroom.
  • Recent Development Regarding Mask Wearing in Athens:
    on July 8, Mayor Kelly Girtz signed an order approved by the Mayor and Commission that requires face coverings or masks to be worn in all public places within Athens-Clarke County. While masks and face coverings are not required for religious establishments, please take note of what we've already agreed upon for our worship times:
    • Everyone should come with a mask. You’ll need one to use the bathroom.
    • If you’re sitting on the lawn, you’ll need a mask on until you’re seated.
    • We’ll have some masks on hand. If you need one, please ask a greeter for one as you drive in.
  • Whether in a car or seated on the lawn, we will maintain the 6-feet distancing regulations currently in place. Please help us to do that well.
  • Continue to refrain from physical contact. It’s okay to smile and a distance. 
  • If you would like to remain home, we will still stream the service on our YouTube channel not on Zoom. (Search for Athens SDA church.)
  • If you are sick, please stay home. We love and miss you and will pray for your healing.
  • Update on Sheltering in Place: On June 26, Governor Kemp extended the executive order until July 15. You can find the list of those who should continue sheltering in place here on page 6. We don't take lightly the spike in Covid-19 cases and wish to keep all of our members and guests as safe as we can.
  • We will have a simple bucket option for tithe and offering collection. If you choose this method instead of online giving, look out for instructions on when and where to give as you come onto the church grounds. We will not have an offering collection period during this service.
  • We will not be able to accommodate any last minute announcements unless they are truly urgent. If you have an announcement that pertains to the entire church, please share that announcement with Pastor Michaela before Sabbath morning.
  • Pay close attention to the weather. If it is raining, we’ll connect online only. 
  • Let's continue to be people who pray prayers of faith.


(Drive-in worship began on June 6.)