Last day of class. Last day of exams. Graduations here and graduations there.

The end of the school year continues to shape our calendars, especially if we have children in school or we're in school as student, teacher or administrator. In a college town like ours, the end of the school year means that traffic isn't so bad (as if it's every really bad in Athens) and parking spots downtown are easier to find. Now going out to eat feels more doable.


What is shaping your calendar?

Narrow that down further. What is shaping your day? Today. 


Hopefully, it isn't traffic or other externals that are far beyond your control. Hopefully, it's your conversations with God that are shaping your day. You're asking God for direction and because you've learned what God "sounds" like, you're clear on how your day can flow. I put the word sounds in quotes because rarely do we ever hear God audibly, at least that's my experience and the experience of people I know. Yet we can still hear God, sense God. And I write "how your day can flow" because we make too many things a "must" or a "should" and create more stress for ourselves with unnecessary expectations.


God's ideas for our days are often fairly straightforward—nothing fancy or unique. We're called to love God and love each other, a high calling that often has us beating ourselves up for not being kinder or wishing we didn't have to people today. Yeah, we don't always love well and still God invites us to continue on as child, sibling, parent, neighbor, co-worker, and more. We learn to come away and rest awhile so that no matter our temperament or enneagram, we experience that necessary recharge with God that gives us what we need for whatever our next step may be. That time makes us more likely to think about who we've been and express our desire for forgiveness, for a new heart, for another opportunity to be that imperfect being who amazingly gets to experience and share the love of God. It's in the quiet that we remember, "I do have something to praise God for!" So often our business and mistakes minimize our awareness of God's blessings.


Today is Saturday which means that in a few hours my family and I will get into our van and drive to 429 Epps Bridge Parkway. That's where our church is. We'll gather there with many others to worship God—through singing, praying, and reading the Bible—and to see each other. Let's be honest: church is partly social time. Right? Today, we'll have several guests because a children's choir and ensemble are sharing music with us and we'll have a guest speaker, too. There will be lunch. There will be intentional time outdoors. There may be a nap. And if I'm not careful, I'll miss out on Sabbath and the rest that comes with it, the slow-down from the six days that came before it, the conscious choice to stop creating. If I'm not careful, I'll plow through until lunch and my introverted self will want only one thing—to be alone.


What's your day look like? Whatever's on your to-do list, my prayer for you is this:

God, help your child to ask you now for only what they need
Actual bread, greater faith, or even extra sleep
And as the hours of today continue to roll on
May your child be clear on this: You've been there all along


Take care & Sabbath Peace,

Pastor Michaela



{Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash}