Lord of All Week 5

Week 5

Key passage for daily reading: Malachi 3:6-10


January 27, Sunday

Consecration is a big word. Reflect on the definition again found on the front cover of this booklet. What does it mean to you today?


>Prayer for today: Lord, am I missing something that is still making it feel impossible for me to invite You to be Lord over ALL of my life?



January 28, Monday $$

Do you have a budget or do you simply spend until your next paycheck? If you’d like help creating and sticking to a budget, consider signing up for the Financial Peace University in the future.

>Prayer for today: Lord, help me to stick to this decision for a budget for your glory and my peace.



January 29, Tuesday

Perhaps throughout this month, the Lord has been reminding you to both return a faithful tithe and offering and you’re still stalling. Or perhaps you’ve finally been fully convicted.

>Prayer for today: Oh Lord, I surrender. I trust that you will open up the windows of heaven and pour out more blessings than I have space for (Malachi 3:10).



January 30, Wednesday

Is there someone you know who could benefit from this month-long focus on consecrating our ALL to the Lord?



>Prayer for today: Lord, help me to share this with ___________________________ at the right time and with the best of intentions.



January 31, Thursday

You made it! Take at least 20 minutes to reflect, pen and paper-style, on how this month has helped you or changed you or even transformed you. Write a letter of Thanksgiving to the Lord.



>Prayer for today: Lord, help me to stick with what I’ve learned and continue to make you Lord of all areas of my life.



Thank you for taking this journey with our church family. 

Stay tuned for our February sermon series. But more than that, we want to do whatever we can to help each person not simply attend church services or other events—we want each person to understand their role as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Let’s keep working together to that end!

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