Lord of All Week 4

Week 4

Key passage for daily reading: Luke 12:13-34


January 20, Sunday

Read Luke 12:13-34 in one sitting—it make sense as one story. Jot down one to three questions that come to mind and discuss them with a fellow believer.



>Prayer for today: Lord, open my heart to understand this passage, even if that means reading it again right now.



January 21, Monday $$

Maybe you’re so overwhelmed by debt that budgeting feels impossible. See what free assistance your bank offers for budget planning. Also see what your work  offers for retirement planning.

>Prayer for today: Lord, help my next financial appointment to be a positive one even if the truth of my financial state isn’t something I’m happy with. 



January 22, Tuesday

This story isn’t just for people who seem to be financially stable. How would you explain the universal lessons in this story to someone who is struggling to pay their basic bills? 



>Prayer for today: Lord, regardless of the size of my bank account, show me what I treasure so that I can reconsider my treasures according to Your will.



January 23, Wednesday

Jesus tells His disciples not to worry. He’s talking specifically to people who have already chosen to follow Him. What are you worrying about, lately?



>Prayer for today: Lord, this is easier said than done but I’m going to trust You and obey.



January 24, Thursday

After reading this week’s key passage, ask yourself the following? Who am I in this story? Am I the brother who brought the initial question to Jesus? Am I the rich man? Am I one of the disciples hearing this powerful teaching from Jesus?



>Prayer for today: Lord, if I am so worried about my money that I’m holding it tightly, afraid to share, please show me what steps I can take to trust You. If I’m anxious about not being able to provide for myself or my family, please show me what steps I can take to trust You.



January 25, Friday

What is one change in your money practices that you need to make? How can putting Jesus first and trusting His direction in your life help you make that change?


>Prayer for today: Lord, Your word says that if we don’t have wisdom, we should ask You and You won’t be stingy about giving it to us (James 1:5). Please give me that wisdom as I make the following change in my finances: __________________________________________



January 26, Saturday


This is My Desire

This is my desire

To honor You

Lord, with all my heart

I worship You

All I have within me 

I give You praise

All that I adore 

Is in You


Lord, I give You my heart 

I give You my soul

I live for You alone

And every breath that I take 

Every moment I'm awake

Lord, have Your way in me



This Sabbath’s sermon will be from Luke 12:13-34. We hope you’ll join us at the Athens Georgia Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Our 10am Sabbath School classes (Bible study) are for all ages. We then come together for a joint worship service at 11am.

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