This week



Memorial for Carolyn Thomas

1pm Visitation

2:30 Service

Lord & Stephens Funeral Home
4355 Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605

Prayer Experience 

We've pause our Wednesday evening Prayer Experience and will let you know when we resume.

We ARE encouraging everyone to join a prayer group. If you'd like to do so, fill out this online form and we'll connect you with others who can pray when you can.

Submit prayer requests here.

Sabbath School 

  • Adults 

Time: 9:30am
Location: large room down hall from sanctuary 

  • Children

Time: 10am
Location: The Friendship Center



Christian Record Services-WB NAD

Each year, thousands of lives are changed by the services provided to them without cost. All who are legally blind or have physical impairments that prevent them from holding or focusing on ink print are eligible for the following free services:

  • Magazines: Braille, large print, mp3 disk, and digital download from Lib.Guide
  • Full-Vision Books: multi-format books that combine Braille, print, and audio to provide literacy opportunities to children and family
  • Audiobook Library: more than 1,500 volumes on NLS digital cartridge and digital download through Lib.Guide 
  • PhoneFaith: daily call-in programs, offering connection, education, and inspiration
  • Gift Bibles and Study Guides: distributed in Braille, large print, solar player, and NLS digital cartridge
  • National Camps for Blind Children: operated in partnership with Adventist camp and retreat centers in the United States
  • InSight4Vets: curated resources for military veterans who are legally blind
  • Zoo Buds: feature solar-powered audiobook players pocketed inside adorable plush animals. Zoo Buds offer stories and music for children ages 3-9.

Christian Record Services, Inc. is an international organization serving people who are blind worldwide. Churches, individuals, and businesses provide financial support for services.

Give with confidence: Christian Record is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Thank you to all who've been using Online Giving. Please continue. You can also give when you attend our drive-in worship service. Drop off your tithe and offering in the small brown basket.


Sabbath Worship @ 11am*

Our FM transmitter will be setup for those wanting to listen from your cars (89.3 FM). If you can't come in person,  join our livestream at 11am on YouTube or Facebook.


Scripture: Matthew 16:17-19
Sermon Title: Church—What Are We Really Up To?
Sermon by: Pastor Michaela Lawrence Jeffery



*Current guidelines for indoor worship:

  1. masks are currently required while in all of our facilities. 
  2. place your offering in a basket when you enter the foyer (or give online)



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