This week

JUNE 5 - JULY 11

Vacation Bible School

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Wednesday prayer meeting

We pray together every Wednesday at 7pm. We have returned to the Friendship Center.

If you'd like to join in but cannot meet in person, you can join via phone. Simply contact us to get that information--706.549.9592. Find other information here.

This week's Sabbath School Lesson

Time: 9am
Material: Download the SS app (apple or android) or access the lesson here and here.
Location: Join us on Zoom.

Memory Text: “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20, NKJV).


This week's offering

Covid-19 Relief 

When a crisis strikes, it’s an opportunity for us as a church to reach out and help others. Tomorrow, a special offering will be collected worldwide for COVID-19 Response. Its purpose is to help communities devastated by this pandemic. You can write “COVID-19 Response” on your tithe envelope and then note how much you want to give.

All COVID-19 Response offerings will go to the church’s world divisions and fields to fund initiatives to help those suffering from this pandemic. Masks. Essential supplies. Counseling . . . Whatever it takes.

Every donation makes a difference!


Watch the latest Grateful Living video which will also encourage us as we tithe, returning to God what he has given to us. 

Thank you to all who've been using Online Giving. Please continue. You can also give when you attend our drive-in worship service. Drop off your tithe and offering with the greeters under the tent.

This week's sermon

Time: 10am
Title: Not So Fast!
Text: Acts 8:18-20
Pastor Michaela Lawrence Jeffery

This is sermon #9 in series called "The Church at Home: How to be a disciple in your pjs." Find others on our YouTube channel.


Drive-in worship service this Sabbath

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  • Update on Sheltering in Place:
    "Effective immediately, residents and visitors of Georgia who are age 65 or older are no longer required to shelter in place unless they meet any of the following categories..." You can find that list here

As of Monday, July 6, Sabbath's forecast includes rain. Stay tuned. If it rains, we'll have service online, only.




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