This week

DEC 4- DEC 11


Prayer Experience 

Wednesday at 6:30pm on Zoom

We sing, praise, and pray together every Wednesday at 6pm in the Friendship Center. Masks and social distancing are required. 

We connect via Zoom:

Sabbath School 

  • Adults 

Time: 9:30am
Material: Download the SS app (apple or android) or access the lesson here and here.
Location: Zoom & in the Friendship Center

Memory Text: “The LORD delighted only in your fathers, to love them: and He chose their descendants after them, you above all peoples, as it is this day” (Deuteronomy 10:15, NKJV).


  • Children

Time: 10am
Material: Ms. Marina provides the material via email.
Location: Zoom—click here to join us.



Adventist Community Services

Community Services is God’s invitation to do amazing things with Him. Hard times come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and Adventist Community Services is re- sponding to individual needs, developing relationships, and committing to make a difference in people’s lives.

ACS supports community outreach programs by fund- ing development projects that make a major impact in your communities. A washer/dryer serves thousands of homeless to bring dignity and value to their lives. A shelter provides protection and offers hope. A portable shower trailer prepares someone for a job interview. And so much more.

“I had just lost my son Christopher to cancer. The church couldn’t bring back my son to me, but what they did was they brought my life back to me.

“For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

By supporting ACS, you can make a lasting impact and know that your dollars are going to something that is making a difference in a life.


Thank you to all who've been using Online Giving. Please continue. You can also give when you attend our drive-in worship service. Drop off your tithe and offering in the large blue bucket.


Sabbath Worship @ 11am

(click here for lyrics and bulletin)

Text: Luke 1:26-30
Sermon: The Saints Least Likely
by Pastor Don Pate

Pastor Pate is a retired pastor living in Collegedale, TN and teaching adjunct in SAU’s School of Religion. He has preached here before and we’re happy to have him join us again  

Between the Lines – LifeTalk Radio

Current guidelines for indoor worship:

  1. masks required at all times while in all of our facilities based on Aug 6 ACC change
  2. suggested distancing between families with specific rows in the back set aside for those who feel more comfortable with more distancing (a deacon will help you get situated)
  3. place your offering in a bucket when you enter the foyer (or give online)
  4. no children’s story just yet
  5. use overflow room for anyone not comfortable in the sanctuary (max of 7 people)

Our FM transmitter will be setup for those wanting to listen from your cars (89.3 FM). If you can't come in person,  join our livestream at 11am on YouTube or Facebook.



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