Using Your Gifts

Q: "I'd like to put my skills to use. How can I serve?"
A: So glad you asked! 


We become active in the life of our congregations because we want them to flourish. But we don't always know how to plug in or we're waiting for someone to ask us. 

Here at Athens, we encourage you to speak up. And if giving of your time seems a bit impossible, it may help to think of your time like an offering. Can you begin by giving an offering of 3 to 5% of your time each month in a way that'll help us become the followers of Jesus that we've been called to be, disciples who make disciples?

A disciple is someone who has chosen to let Jesus be Lord of ALL things in their lives and is helping others do the same.

And in our particular context, we're disciples making disciples as we tell the truth about God, walk through life together, and love our neighbors deeply. We can't shy away from what we know, we can't live faithfully in isolation, and we can't ignore those around us. By living out our purpose, we join God in His. Teamwork is sweet!

Consider your offering and let the areas listed below help you think of how exactly you'd like to serve. Some of the commitments listed include time on Sabbaths and others do not.

-Children's programming
-Grow group facilitator
-Soup Kitchen

Interested in any of these? Or interested in something that's not listed? Email us by clicking here.